Christian High School Patriots

San Diego Swarm Baseball Academy



Hi, my name is Josh Fitzgerald, Born and raised in San Diego, California.  I love to play Baseball, off road,  and go to church, my Dad pastored for 20 years. God and Family come first no matter what. I love to hang out with friends and play ball. 2009 was my last season playing Little League, with Mission Trails Little League. Three time Allstar with the last year beening able to help my team go to make our league history in over 50 years. I have also played with the San Carlos Angels Travel ball Club ,  and with the San Diego Swarm Baseball Academy. My dream is to play baseball as a professional. I Attended  Christian Unified were I played on the 8th Grade team and am now a Catcher/3B as freshman on the Varsity   Patriots Baseball Team.

Positions: Catcher, 3B

5’10” 160lb

Bat: Right

Throw: Right

Veiw Stats

Video Of Me Playing with the Swarm 14U Against The San Diego Show


Season around the corner playing Winter Ball with Christian High, also made Team Usa San Diego to play in the World Boys League Tournament…

Made The Christian High Varisty Team as Freshman this year as Starting Catcher.

I also played for the following teams thus far in 2010

Foothill Knights High School Summer league

San Diego Gamers

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  1. Andria Schmitt

    Hi Josh,

    My son is in love with BB and we are trying to make some connections for a travel ball team tryout. I’m just looking for info. because I always seem to be late, maybe because I am a mom and don’t always get included in on the most current happenings. My son is 11, and can play every position effectively. Thanks , Andria

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  4. Hey Josh…great blog. Your missing one thing though…pics of coach Beat? Whats up?

  5. Hey Josh,
    Why does it say you’re a Torrence player on the link that leads to your blog?


  6. brandon downs

    hey josh.

    i like to play baseball with u. u can do what ever coach tells u to do. HIT, RUN, CATCH, INFIELD, OUTFIELD, and every thing.

    u will pick every 1 up. A great team leader. hope to see u go really far soon.


    • joshfitzgerald

      hey brandon.

      i like playing baseball with u to u r a great fielder u can hit the ball in play and run fast. i hope to see u playing high school ball.

  7. Josh you are my hero.
    i love playing baseball with you.
    i am so glad you were on my team last season on for travel ball and allstars.
    your website is totally awesome. i am totally jealous. lol


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